Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Cabbage Rolls

So when making these funny little things I didn't realize the lack of beauty they possessed when finished. I re-plated multiple times until I looked at every picture I could find of cabbage rolls and realized that I wasn't gonna be satisfied with the plating. Oh but they tasted good! The cabbage leaves became perfectly pliable after exactly 3 minutes in salted boiling water. They did not crack at all.
Mainly prepared in Eastern Europe, cabbage rolls are filled with some sort of beef and rice mixture. After researching I found that cabbage rolls are an international treat! Found in Japan with pork and shitake, China, Turkey and even Sweden served with potatoes and lingonberry jam. For a delicious vegan version I used a mashed garbanzo beans, seasoned rice and stewed tomato mixture. A tomato based sauce is preferable, so I made a thin zesty sauce made from pureed tomatoes and seasoned with fresh basil and thyme. With a dollop of vegan sour cream... oh yeah! All my wheat-free peeps this is gluten free too!


  1. They look great...I have a suggestion for you...you should have an Ask Meagan section so we can ask you questions about cooking, your recipes or how to make something Vegan...just a thought :)