Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have any questions?? Need ideas??

I will post recipes soon and feel free to ask questions. I am also good at throwing out ideas for meals if you have some ingredients lying around that you don't know what to do with. In addition, if you need help with egg replacers, vegan baking advice or flavor pairings I'm here!


  1. Meagan,

    I really like your blog so far. I wish you would tell more stories about how you became so talented! Anyways, I have WAY too much pasta (of all kinds!) lying around. Do you have any good ideas for a sauce that is healthy AND vegan?? If it helps I also have a few avacados waiting to be eaten as well :)


  2. Hey Miss Kyrie,

    So about those avocados, they work great in place of butter for garlic bread. Of course toast your bread first but combine the avocados with some garlic and salt and serve it up with the pasta! Now the sauce I have a recipe for a delicious Sun-dried Tomato Cashew "Cream" sauce. It goes well with just about any pasta and taste delicious with the avocados. I will post it for you. Thanks for the question and let me know if you need more ideas! I do have another recipes for avocados as a chocolate mousse. Let me know? See you in the kitchen!