Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello to all and welcome!

So for the next ten months I will be experimenting and refining my very own vegan recipes for my first cookbook. I will post recipes a couple times a month and sometimes upon request. The past month I have been creating recipes just about every night, so expect a lot of pictures! I am doing my own photography and my own food styling for this book so any advice is appreciated. I hope you enjoy all my blog has to offer and I hope all is great in your life. Lastly, please feel free to ask me any questions about vegan cuisine or diet. I'll see you in kitchen!


  1. Here is that link to the food photography article I was talking about:

    Your stuff looks ABSOLUTELY delicious - and oh so healthy!!!

  2. THRILLING!! Congrats! If you ever have too many leftovers you know where we live

    I'm currently on the market for a black bean soup or out of this world chili if you have that in your collection ;)