Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mush, Mush, Mushrooms!!

I never really appreciated mushrooms until recently. I think it's the texture that has always pushed me away. They are normally described as "meaty," which for some reason has never appealed to me. Hmmm? Anyways, there I was last night munching on raw criminis. Oh how delicious they are! I made a Mushroom Sherry Thyme Sauce to go over my Braised Tempeh and mashed Rosemary potatoes. This was served up with roasted brussel sprouts tossed in olive oil and fresh herbs. I was very satisfied with the sauce and the wonderful flavor that the sherry gave the criminis.
As versatile as mushrooms are I think the most irritating thing is the infamous Portobello Mushroom Sandwich that is offered to vegans and vegetarians at many esablishments. When in doubt feed the vegan mushrooms! Don't get me wrong they are sometimes delicious, but very unimaginative. I do think that this is the reason I steered clear of mushrooms for so long, because I thought they all tasted like a portobello. There is such a variety and so many to be tried, so think outside the box next time you are in the produce section. You will be surprised what you come up with. Remember mushrooms work like a sponge when cooked so you can pick what you want them to taste like. See you in the kitchen!


  1. Finally I could find and see your blog from my computer!!!!
    I'm really excited and happy :)

  2. I love following you in the kitchen! You're amazing!