Saturday, January 23, 2010


Being a veg for life I have heard a lot of, "Well what do you eat?" Especially in elementary when mom would pack seaweed snacks and a bean burrito. Back then it was more, "Ewwwh, what's that". A bit different from my classmates handi-snacks(which I was always jealous of until I tried one). Anyways, the most popular question is often said with quite concern, "What about protein?" This is a common concern among all humans not just vegans. One needs to plan meals and be able to diversify proteins for adequate health. For example, today's protein consisted of pumpkin seeds, garbanzo beans and rice, sprouted bread and tempeh. I also ate green leafy vegetables which when paired with another, become a complete protein. The Vegetarian Resource Group has great tables and charts on their website. I understand everyone is busy and might not have time to plan meals, but try to put your health first. The easiest way to eat healthy is to have the right foods accessible. Keep this in mind on your next trip to the grocery store!

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