Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nacho Mama!

Since I have been a vegan I have longed for some cheesy nachos. The kind you can find as an appetizer at a Mexican restaurant or those mounds of goodness you find at happy hour. Experimenting with different sauces and flavors I have found that the creaminess of a fusion of nuts, the tanginess of apple cider vineagar and the "cheesiness" of nutritional yeast hits the spot. This sauce does kind of look similar to that mystery hue of Tang substance that siphons itself out of a bag at many of your local gas stations. Definitely not my favorite, thank goodness you can pronounce the ingredients that are in mine. Made much like the pasta sauce that I posted you simmer and soften the ingredients and puree till smooth. For the protein, instead of just beans I used a mixture of a chipotle vegan sausage pan-fried with whole pinto beans and finished with cumin and lime. Smothered and layered salty corn chips, cilantro, black olives and a side of steamed kale, it was to die for. The best part was I didn't feel like I gained 30 pounds after I ate it. I was sincerely satisfied!

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