Friday, February 26, 2010

RRRuuuummmm Balls

My first experience with rum balls was working at the Davenport Hotel. I saw my chef roughly crumbling last weeks german chocolate cake into the mixer. Old cake did nothing for me, but then, came the pouring of rum and grand marnier, this definetely caught my attention. My 18 year old illegal nostrils needed to know what the heck was going on in that mixing bowl. I stopped what I was doing and curiously moved closer, suddenly he poured melted dark chocolate and orange zest in. A... yumm?! So, there it is rum balls consist of dry old cake, rum, sugar, chocolate and sometimes butter. The cake crumbs soak up the alcohol and chocolate, becoming the perfect moldable substance to roll into truffle-like balls. You may finish them by rolling them in cocoa, sesame seeds, chopped nuts, dipping them in chocolate or my favorite, toasted coconut. For my version I used spiced rum, melted margarine, orange essence, cocoa, a touch of cinnamon, powdered sugar, cake crumbs and then finished with the toasted coconut. They are best if they sit for a couple hours so the flavors can really soak. This is such a great thing to do with those leftover cake edges. See you in the kitchen!

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  1. I have never had rum balls but have always wanted to try them. They sure look yummy.