Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wasabi Truffles

So for my friend Nastumi's birthday party I made truffles. She loves spicy chocolate, but I am a little over red chilies and chocolate right now. What is more Japanese than wasabi! A man once explained wasabi's spice to my mother and I as it warming your face rather than burning your throat. This is very true, it slowly rises through your sinuses. Mmmmm. Love it. One memory always comes to mind when talking about wasabi. The family was down at Disneyland for our annual family vacation and my uncle had picked up some sushi for a picnic. All of us crowded around the table excited to finally eat after a long day in amusement world. Me scarfing in silence peered over to my mothers cherry red face, eyes looking as if they were gonna fall out onto the table. She started breathing loudly and sticking here tongue out and hoarsely said, "whoooaa, not guacamole." Her first bite after opening the rectangular container had been the half inch cube of wasabi properly placed on the nori rolls. Everyone started laughing till tears, but still engaging my mother with concern. It was hilarious.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the party!!!!!!!
    I had a great time and I loved wasabi truffles a lot and sushi you made. I couldnt stop to go get another one..
    I was so surprise that wasabi flavor so good with chocolate!!
    love you so much!!