Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Experimental Vegan

After a great night out, there is nothing better than that certain someone making you breakfast. My boyfriend Jonathan made a hearty array of panfried tempeh, corn grits and toast. Coming from Alabama, he is the master of corn grits. We accompanied this meal with a spirulina berry smoothie and super-antioxidant green tea. He has been experimenting with the vegan diet the past 2 weeks, mainly to see if he can loose weight and just to see how he feels. Being a pastry chef, this diet has certainly cut back on the sweet snacks at work being that they all have animal by products in them. Although he admits most of his curiosity stems from my energy about the vegan diet, I think a lot of his interest comes from hearing individual's overall health success on this particular diet. It really is quite amazing the way the vegan diet can add years to people's life. Check out the meat- eating cowboy turned vegan! Awesome and interesting!

Not having a scale, we are unsure of the pounds that he has lost, but Jonathan has noticed his pants are starting to fit a bit easier. He has defenitely come to fathom the art of healthy snacking. His favorite snack is popcorn seasoned with nutritional yeast and salt. Although, I have seen Jonathan as a popcorn addict for our entire relationship, he has emphasized his excitement for this yeasty snack. Nuts and dried fruit are also a perfect snack to keep you going through the day. Protein and fat from the nuts provide long term energy and the sugar in the fruit gives you a quick raise in your blood sugar. I hope you can start snacking well with these tips. I get really excited for people's curiousity and wish I could feed everyone delicious and nutritious vegan food. Hope your day has been beautiful! See you in the kitchen!

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