Saturday, April 10, 2010

~HaPpY HoUr~

Since moving to Portland I can now fully understand my love of happy hour. Not only do you get to eat cheap food, but you get to start drinking right after work. Portland being known for it's bars, strip clubs and great food, naturally have killer happy hours. Luckily, with the high vegan population I usually have a wide variety of snacks to choose from. The one thing I don't enjoy about this hour of fun is the check at the end. Yeah, you saved a buck or two on those martinis you crushed down, but the point is... you did buy 5? Hmmmm.

So after spending dollars at area eateries I did what I usually do; go home and make it myself. Not only can it be cheaper, but healthier and sometimes even more festive. Today, my happy hour consisted of whiskey gingers, sweet potato fries with a pickled onion aioli, roasted garlic stuffed zucchini bites and bbq triple bean burgers. Be creative and social and invent a happy hour of your own flavor! See you in the kitchen!

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