Thursday, April 29, 2010

~It's a Soup Day~

HHmmmm what kind of soup to make.... I have thought all day about minestrone soup, but do not have all the ingredients or the desire to leave my abode in a thunder storm such as this one. So what is there lurking in my pantry. Aha! Tonight's dinner is a Kidney Bean Tomato Potato Broccoli Soup. How it began: I cooked off kidney beans last night, broccoli florets in the freezer and one lonely russet potato on the counter. I love tomato based soups, so call the boyfriend for a canned tomato pick up. He is on his way. As you can see above, this soup started with olive oil, a julienne onion, chopped garlic, diced potato and garden-picked rosemary. One thing that makes this soup different from others, is the yellow mustard. The heat of the mustard goes great with the acidity of the tomatoes and the creaminess of the kidney beans. Try it in your next soup, you might just love it! Save a trip to the store and hopefully you can rummage up something delicious from your pantry. Use what you have and see how creative you actually are.

A couple of fun history facts about soup. The first type of soup dates back to 6,000 B.C. Then, the soups were not boiled. It wasn't until about 9,000 years ago that soups were boiled and they were cooked in animal skins or clay. MMmm animal skin flavor, my favorite! Very thankful for my stainless steel pot. So the soup night was successful and I didn't even have to skin an animal. Hah! Enjoyed a bowl of warm soup with toasted homemade whole wheat olive oil bread and a cold beer. See you in the kitchen!

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