Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beet Carpaccio

Carpaccio(kahr-PAH-chee-oh) is an Italian originated appetizer usually consisting of thinly sliced raw beef filet and dressed with lemon juice and olive oil. So, naturally I cheated and used a vegetable, such as beets, that looked sort of like the traditional dish. It's normally plated on a larger plate, layered and all spread out. Instead using small plates, I constructed it a bit taller. I figure I am already offending the Italians by using beets, so might as well make it look completely different. Anyways, I love the rich color and distinct flavor of beets. Many say that they taste like dirt and I might have to agree with them, but I must just love dirt flavor. My favorite way to eat them is pickled with olive oil and salt. For the Carpaccio, I par-cooked one giant beet bulb in a blend of pickling spice and lemon rind. I then drained the liquid and cooled the beet quickly with cold water and ice. Thinly sliced and layered with a sprinkle of kosher salt, a drizzle of olive oil and finished with finely zested orange and lime rind. Served up as part of the salad course, this Beet Carpaccio is sure to impress. I even got Jonathan(once a beet hater) to eat it and even tell me he that he enjoyed it. I followed this dish with a Mixed Green Balsamic Salad, then an entree of Coconut Walnut Crusted Tofu with Brown Basmati Coconut Rice and Braised Baby Bok Choy and ended with a delicious dessert of Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream.

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