Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Brandy Apple Hazelnut Tart!

On each of my days off from work I wake up and think of what else I even dream about food! So, last Wednesesday I woke up to the thought of my silver square tart pan given to me by my grandparents this last Christmas. I love it, but definitely forget about it cooped up in my oven side cupboard. Then I closed my eyes again, rolled over and thought of sweetening a pie dough with raisins, then came my brandy thought :) Yes, brandy thoughts at 8 am. What goes well with the sweetness and dense flavor of raisins, and not to mention the soft yet deep notes of brandy? Apples of course!
I began with the making of the crust. I enjoy putting flaxseed meal in pie doughs to add more fatty flavor and to ensure the dough stays together. Also, it is just a healthy additive. I don't like using vegan margarine because of it's excessive amounts of un-sustainably harvested palm oil and Crisco is filled with GMO related products and icky hydrogenated oils. So, instead I used properly harvested coconut oil and a blend of raisin puree and flaxseed meal. The dough came together very well, even with the large ratio of hazelnut meal. I blind baked it for 17 minutes then cooled and awaited the arrival of the delicious apple filling.
Yes I realize apples are not in season, but luckily Washington apples keep very well through to the spring. Despite the price of the 2 giant apples I got, they were the perfect choice. There was no way I was gonna buy a Chilean apple for cheaper! Anyways, I sauteed the peeled and cored Fuji apples in coconut oil, brandy and molasses. When tender I neatly layered them on my previously blind-baked crust. Popped it in the oven and voila! Ready to serve! My house smelled of toasted hazelnuts with hints of raisin and molasses. I shared this tart with my sister, Emily and boyfriend, Jon. Emily liked it so much she came back for seconds the next day. We topped our servings with coconut cream. I do have to say the next night we ate it with chocolate and coffee soy ice cream and that was a great accompaniment as well.

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  1. YUM!! I realize I always post "YUM" to all of your recipes, but there is no other word for the superb recipes you have.