Friday, July 23, 2010


The beloved hemp plant known for so much more than it's exquisite protein concentrate, is one of my new favorite additives. If you haven't noticed I'm a bit of a health nut and like to add nutrition where ever I can, even if it is in a cookie! Yes, thats right I have been adding hemp protein powder and hemp-seeds to my favorite cookie recipes for some extra substance. This way I can eat a cookie for breakfast and who doesn't love to do that. I would way rather have a cookie for breakfast, than a cliche protein shake.
Hemp is a plant-based protein that stays with you for hours so you can keep on, keepin on. I enjoyed a Cocoa Ginger cookie for breakfast recently that I had replaced 1/2 of a cup of flour with hemp protein powder. It has a certain grainy/nutty flavor to it, but can barely be tasted. After eating these cookies and a cup of coffee I was ready to combat the world! Don't worry I didn't, but I could have :) If you are new to hemp protein I would start by substituting 1/4 cup flour for protein. It is an acquired taste, but you will definitely reap the benefits. Remember your strong body needs protein and carbs to build muscle and sustain energy, so enjoy this tip. See you in the kitchen!

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