Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday Love

On the first of September was my wonderful friend Angela's birthday and her cake of choice was simply a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Although, this lady is not vegan... I am, so Angela got a vegan cake atop my great grandmother's cake stand. I surmounted to this vanilla cake recipe and was quite impressed with the texture and density of the cake. We nibbled away at this cake slowly, bearing in mind that we had just finished a deluxe lasagna dinner.
Secondly, was my dear sister, Emily. Considering it was a Swedish themed joint birthday with a friend of hers at a bar, Emily decided on cookies. Easy to share and tasty too! I prepared a Lemon Currant Sugar cookie, along with a Cardamom Chocolate Chip cookie. The Swedes are definetely big on their cardamom and currants. The birthday girls enjoyed these tasty bits of goodness over beer and more beer. Cheers!
Lastly, my man Jonathan. I'm always super excited to make his birthday treats because they are a huge challenge and some of my favorite flavors too. He likes peanut butter, chocolate, nuts, cookies, ice cream, cake, mousse and just about anything that contains sugar. So really I can't go wrong with Jonathan's dessert. I was planning on making a cake, but looked at the time and quickly re-strategized. I whipped up a Chocolate Peanut Butter Salty Caramel Cookie Tart. Did I get it all? I started off with a cookie crumb crust, followed by layers of peanut butter mousse, chocolate chunks, chocolate caramel ganache and salted mixed nuts. Our friends enjoyed this over a couple of whiskey drinks.


  1. I really need to come mouth was watering just looking at the pics!

  2. That last one looks and sounds UH-mazing!