Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot and Sour Soup

Feeling as though my head was about to explode, I put on my apron and started chopping. Much to my dismay I have been plagued by the wicked cold of the Northwest. Yes I know every one has it, but it always stuns me when I get sick. Like I should be immune. After three days of sniffling and moping around I broke out my weapons, hot and sour soup and whiskey.
My new abode is located very conveniently to my favorite Portland market, New Seasons and a very nice liquor store. In the produce section I grabbed carrots, onions, garlic, ginger, green onions, broccoli, savoy cabbage, and mushrooms. When I arrived home to my clean kitchen I warmed myself a drink consisting of orange juice, ginger, echinacea tea, and delicious Maker's. Maple syrup can be added for you sweeties. I started my hot soup pot with some coconut oil, onions, garlic, red chili peppers, mushrooms and roughly chopped ginger. After tender then came the rice vinegar and soy sauce. Following minutes of potent vinegar scented steam, I added water and started on my road to chopping tons of fresh veggies.
I wasn't really looking to make a traditional Hot and Sour Soup when I started, so if you do here is a good version. When the broth boiled the buckwheat noodles and carrots went in. After about 4 minutes I added the cabbage, followed by the broccoli a minute or two later. The broth needed a bit more soy sauce, but no more spice! It was spicy. After eating this and downing my drink, my sinuses felt quite good. I hope everyone is staying healthy and if you find yourself plagued with the cold, then try this combo. Sure to cure! Until next time, see you in the kitchen.